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Project Description

The AppFabric Caching Admin Tool help you manage the Microsoft Distributed Cache.

Feature List:

  • Cache Cluster:
    • Stat Cache Cluster
    • Stop Cache Cluster
    • Restart Cache Cluster
    • Export Config Cache Cluster
    • Import Config Cache Cluster
  • Cache Host:
    • Stat Cache Host
    • Stop Cache Host
    • Statistics
    • Get / Set Config
  • Cache Name:
    • Add Cache Name
    • Remove Cache Name
    • Statistics
    • Get / Set Config
    • Add / Remove Region
    • Add Data Cache Item for test
  • PowerShell Output
  • Reports
    • Cache Host Stats Report
    • CacheName Stats Report
    • Cache Host Size by Cache Name Report
    • Cache Cluster Size Report

Cache Cluster View & Options

Options: Select config file, Import config, Export config, Start Cluster, Stop Cluster & Restart Cluster.

Cache Host View & Options

Options: Start, stop, Add Cache Name, Statistics & Cache Host config.

Cache Name View & Options

Options: Add Cache Name, Remove Cache Name, Statistics & Cache Host config.

Region View




System Requirements:

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